last update: 12/5-19

National Danish Clydesdale Show 2019:

Clydesdale.dk will hold the national annual show again in 2019, with a judge from Scotland on 24/8 kl. 12.00 at Solbjerggård Ridecenter, Blindkildevej 9, 4270 Høng.

Horse massage course:

Clydesdale.dk hosts a horse massage course on 18/5 kl. 12.00 in Sorø.
You will be taught a massage that you can use yourself on your horse in everyday life. Registration on facebook or via email.

Photo by Henriette Søgaard

Horse of the month, May / June 2019.
The horse of the month is pictures of the members' own horses, and taken out of their everyday lives.
This month's horse, is called Aslan the Great.
Aslan is a 21 year old clydesdale upgrade. He came to Denmark in 2001 and has lived with owner Henriette Søgaard for the last 11 years.
Aslan has for many years been used for horse-drawn carriage riding and riding in nature, but is now an older gentleman who enjoys his retirement age, with short walks, loving claps and a lot of fun.

About us.

Clydesdale.dk was established in 2009 under the name Clydesdale Horse Society, Denmark. We are an association for everyone with Clydesdale horses or with interest in the breed in general. The association is governed by a board elected at the annual general meeting of the members.

Clydesdale.dk works purposefully to spread the knowledge of the horse breed Clydesdale in Denmark, by being an extrovert active association, exhibiting horses, and organizing annual shows and other member activities.

We want the Clydesdalen to become a sought-after breed for use as both a riding horse and a draft horse, as it is extremely suitable for both purposes due to its very calm mind.

Clydesdale.dk will at all times follow Clydesdale Horse Society Scotland's established breeding goals and directions. In addition, inspiration and knowledge are obtained from our contacts in Scotland and abroad in general.

With us you are always welcome, even if you are curious to know more about the breed, or come and see some of the members' horses and get a good chat.